Making meditation and yoga accessible to all members of the community

Our story

Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation’s vision is a Melbourne where all residents, regardless of income, age or cultural background, have the opportunity to learn and practise meditation and/or attend yoga classes to maintain and improve their general health and wellbeing.

It was set up in April 2013 after a local yoga and meditation teacher, Alana Smith, observed that those in attendance at yoga classes and meditation courses did not represent the cultural and socio-economic diversity of the Melbourne community. Alana had a particular interest in the health and wellbeing of migrants to Australia, as well as those of low socio-economic background, particularly those living in public housing estates and was curious to understand whether yoga and meditation was of interest to them, and if so, why they were not accessing or attending classes and courses.

Consultations with community development workers in Carlton and Collingwood (Melbourne’s inner suburbs), along with women of refugee background living in public housing estates revealed that cost, location of classes and courses, as well as cultural background/differences are often barriers to participation.

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Today, Alana and her team run yoga and meditation courses in the public housing estates of Carlton, with plans to extend to Fitzroy’s Atherton Gardens Estate in early 2016. Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation also plans to run Learn to Meditate courses in Preston from February 2016.

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