Making meditation and yoga accessible to all members of the community


The need for meditation and mindfulness in schools

Despite the best efforts of schools to provide nurturing and supportive environments for students, schools can be a great source of stress and anxiety. Pressure to perform well in exams and assessments, along with managing peer relationships, can cause stress. Constant distractions such as mobile phones and social media affect the ability of students to maintain focus and concentration. Learning how to meditate can assist students to experience better mental and physical health and equip them with the skills to more effectively tackle life’s inevitable stresses and challenges. For some students, this might mean reduced stress and anxiety at school; improved ability to manage and regulate emotions; improved performance and concentration at school; enhanced confidence and self-esteem; and improved resilience.

What we offer

Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation delivers Learn to Meditate courses in schools.

The purpose of the Learn to Meditate course is to teach students how to meditate.

The focus is on teaching meditation and mindfulness as simple, practical skills. Students will be introduced to a variety of meditation techniques for use at home and at school that can easily be adapted to meet their needs. Over the duration of the course, students will learn:

  • How to relax the body and calm the mind using a variety of meditation techniques
  • How to better manage exam and assessment stress
  • How beliefs and thoughts affect feelings and behaviour
  • How to be less reliant on others and external events to feel happy and content
  • How to better manage and regulate emotions.

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