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Silent retreat – Day of mindfulness

Join us for a day of mindfulness in silence

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  • Reconnect with and rejuvenate your meditation practice
  • Be led through a series of guided meditations including awareness of breath, body scan, walking and loving-kindness meditation practices, along with gentle yoga
  • Practice ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’
  • Be part of a community of meditators.

This day of silence is part of Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation’s 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. It is also offered to previous participants of Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation’s MBSR and Learn to Meditate courses. Please note this day is only offered to people who have completed a course with Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation.

The day of silence is a chance for MBSR course participants to:

  • Immerse themselves in the meditation practices introduced during the course
  • Deepen their mindfulness meditation practice and learning
  • Observe and explore the range of thoughts, emotions and body sensations that arise throughout the course of the day.

Please note that other than the guided meditation instructions, the day is conducted in silence. 

Silent retreat – a day of silence

Delivered by:

Suzanne Peyton from The Mindful Well, an affiliate of Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation


Sunday 18 March


9:30am – 4pm.



Parking and transport:




What to bring: 

Blankets, cushions, yoga mat – any props you need/like to use when you meditate!

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If you interested in learning more about the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course that this silent retreat is a component of, contact Suzanne Peyton from The Mindful Well (an associate of Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation):

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