Making meditation and yoga accessible to all members of the community

Learn to Meditate, Melbourne and Preston

Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation delivers Learn to Meditate and meditation workshops and courses in Melbourne and Preston.  The courses are aimed at beginner and experienced meditators and people wishing to refresh their meditation and mindfulness skills and practice. During the structured workshops and 5 week Learn to Meditate courses in Melbourne and Preston, you will be introduced to a range of meditation techniques and strategies relevant to contemporary life.

The next Learn to Meditate workshop will be delivered on Sunday 1 December, 2019 in Preston. Learn more.

The Learn to Meditate and mediation courses delivered in Melbourne and Preston are conveniently located for people living in Preston, Brunswick, Reservoir, Coburg, Northcote, Thornbury, Rosanna, Thomastown, Gisborne, Essendon, Epping and Heidelberg.

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As we are yet to confirm our next Learn to Meditate course for 2018, we recommend visiting the website of our partner Melbourne Meditation Centre.

Next course

We are yet to confirm the dates of our next course for 2018. We recommend visiting the website of our partners Melbourne Meditation Centre who regularly deliver 6-week Learn to Meditate courses at a number of locations around Melbourne.


At a number of locations around Melbourne including Preston.



Course times

The Learn to Meditate course in Melbourne and Preston is delivered on Monday nights over a five week period.

What you will learn

  • How to relax the body and calm the mind through meditation
  • A range of meditation techniques involving the breath, body, sounds, gentle movement, mantra and visualisation, etc
  • How to meditate when tired, bored and distracted
  • How to relate to, and manage thoughts and feelings more effectively
  • How to relate to, and manage pain
  • How to meditate without guidance from a meditation teacher – ‘spot’ and seated, more formal sits/practices
  • How to adapt meditation to suit your own needs and lifestyle.

What to expect

  • Groups of 6 – 12 people from all walks of life – anyone wanting to do a Learn to Meditate / meditation course in Melbourne and Preston!
  • Sessions include theory and practice
  • Group discussions
  • Meditations on chairs, lying down and/or seated on the ground
  • Guided meditations and silent meditations
  • A range of meditation techniques explored.

Benefits of a regular meditation practice

Participants of meditation and mindfulness courses in Preston experience the following benefits as a result of a regular meditation practice:

  • Improved concentration
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improved ability to manage pain
  • Increased creativity
  • More present in their lives
  • Increased productivity
  • More responsive and less reactive to daily challenges
  • Better able to regulate and manage emotions
  • Reduced stress and anxiety.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What type of meditation is taught at the Learn to Meditate courses in Melbourne and Preston?

Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation teaches a variety of meditation techniques rather than one particular type. Participants are introduced to the main principles of mindfulness meditation and how to integrate mindfulness in practical and meaningful ways in day-to-day life that suit their needs and lifestyle. Participants are guided through meditations involving body scan, the breath, sounds, thoughts, mindful movement and mantras.

2. Are the meditation courses religious?

No, the Learn to Meditate courses  in Melbourne and Preston are not religious. The courses are grounded in research and best practice.

3. Where is Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation located?

We run courses and workshops at Suite 5, 27 Enfield Avenue, Preston, the premises of Attuned Music Therapy. We also run meditation courses and workshops and yoga classes at schools, workplaces and in community settings (such as public housing estates and community health organisations).

4. How do the meditation courses work?

The Learn to Meditate / meditation courses in Melbourne and Preston are usually 5 weeks in duration, with each week’s session running for 1.5 hours. Participants can sit on chairs or on the ground and are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes. Courses involve a mixture of small and large group discussion and meditation practice.

5. Will I have to speak or address the group during the course?

Most sessions during the Learn to Meditate / meditation courses and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in Melbourne and Preston involve small or whole group discussions. Participants are encouraged to share with the group how their meditation practice is going week-to-week. Our experience has shown that people tend to get more out of the Learn to Meditate and MBSR courses when they contribute to class discussions, share their experience and ask questions. That said, there is no expectation that you speak or contribute to the group discussions at all.

If you have other questions you would like answered, feel free to get in contact!

Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation
P: 0409 137 053