Making meditation and yoga accessible to all members of the community

“Cultivating mindfulness can lead to the discovery of deep realms of wellbeing, calmness, clarity, and insight within yourself. Whether you are facing heart disease, cancer, pain, anxiety, depression and/or a very stressful life, mindfulness can be of great value to you.”

-Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn

Upcoming courses and events

Learn to Meditate workshop
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Location: Preston


8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course
Date: TBC
Location: Preston


Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation delivers How to Meditate workshops, Learn to Meditate courses, the internationally recognised Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course and other mindfulness courses and retreats in and around Melbourne. Our practical and accessible education and training programs teach tools and strategies that improve wellbeing and increase resilience, and bring calm and balance into life. Whether you are wanting to feel less stressed and anxious, be more present in life, form new habits, improve productivity and efficiency at work, sleep better and/or no longer be at the mercy of your thoughts, our Learn to Meditate and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) courses in Melbourne and Preston can help. Our structured courses are based on science and research and relevant to contemporary life. We look forward to meeting you at one of our Learn to Meditate and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) courses in Melbourne soon!

Courses and workshops for individuals

5 week Learn to Meditate courses in Melbourne, 1.5 hours each week. Practical, relevant to day-to-day life and non religious. Ideal for those new to meditation and for people wanting to refresh their meditation skills. Learn more about the Learn to Meditate and meditation courses in Melbourne and Preston here.
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8 week courses (2.5 hours each week) based on the program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. Ideal for people new to meditation and those with an established meditation practice. Learn more about the MBSR courses here.
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Programs and workshops for workplaces,
community organisations and public housing residents

One off Learn to Meditate workshops and courses available in Melbourne and Preston.  Learn to Meditate and mindfulness workshops and courses in Melbourne can be tailored to meet group needs. Learn more here.
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Culturally appropriate, affordable and conveniently located yoga and meditation programs delivered in public housing settings, local schools and the premises of community organisations. Learn more here.
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“I attended the 6 week meditation course and during that time learnt some really practical, simple ways to incorporate various meditation techniques into my daily life and to be more mindful.  Alana was a very helpful, knowledgeable and engaging facilitator who made me feel welcome and comfortable as a member of the group.  Thank you! ”


“Having attended the Meditation course it helped me realise the importance of focusing my mind and trying not to let multiple thoughts overwhelm me at times. The facilitator was knowledgeable and engaging and had a genuine interest in the wellbeing of those in her course.”


“The course was certainly worth the time investment and has been beneficial to me both personally and professionally. You are a very gifted presenter, with a unique and well balanced blend of being professional and informative, whilst also warm, and encouraging. This invites participation and growth. I would love to attend any other sessions you may run in the future. I will certainly be talking to my colleagues about the course.  I also believe it would be very helpful for some of my clients and have already introduced the idea of mediation to some in therapy.”


The course has been so valuable and broadening the course for me so far. I’m learning so much about stress and also getting a much wider perspective on meditation; all its different shapes, insights, potentials. Thank you so much for your brilliant guidance.”


“I loved all of it – the formal meditation practices, the group discussions, the facilitator! It was such an open and warm environment where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.”


The MBSR course helped me to realise that I can sit with all of my emotions – nothing needs to be pushed away. I’m not as scared of my emotions as I used to be. I also understand now that it is common to have a mind like mine – busy, distracted and anxious – I’m not alone.


Benefits of meditation and mindfulness

Reduced stress and anxiety

Improved creativity

Improved concentration

Improved sleep

Improved ability to manage pain

Increased productivity

Increased feelings of contentment and wellbeing

Increased immunity

Yoga and meditation programs for public housing residents and multicultural communities

Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation partners with local government, community organisations and schools to deliver affordable, culturally appropriate and conveniently located meditation and yoga programs. With a focus on offering courses and workshops to public housing tenants, culturally and linguistically diverse members of the community and the disadvantaged, we ensure cost, location and cultural background are not a barrier to experiencing the benefits of meditation and yoga.